Rajoo Barot

After graduating from the National School of Drama, India’s premier theatre institution in 1977, Rajoo dada opted to come back to Gujarat and dedicated him to Gujarati theatre. Since then his group “Ahmedabad Theatre Group " has come up with memorable productions like Sanak, Marmabhed, Saiyan Bhaye Kotwal, Kashunk Bhali Gayelo Manas- Socrates & recently Kaikeyi.

Besides his huge theatre productions he is known for his Theatre Songs and knowledge of Theatre music. He has received prestigious awards like "Gaurav Purskar" from Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy, "Best Play Back Singer" for the year 2000, "Best Film Documentary" from the State.

Rajoo Barot is one of the Core members of Indie Team and also a pillar which supports us at every step. He also directs us on the right path whenever we ask for from what he has learnt from his huge experience in the field.

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